The Haunted Chapter 31

Ch.31 Alive

[Five Years Later]

That year, Chi Yan successfully helped his uncle’s company pass through the crisis, under Ye Yingzhi’s guidance. Naturally, he later settled down in Shiming City.

Du Mingjing wanted to give him some pointers in the beginning but soon found out that his methods were absolutely extraordinary, that he was actually completely out of his league. And so the gave Chi Yan free reign. He secretly suspected that this little rascal might have been hiding his abilities this whole time, and it was only because he couldn’t bear seeing his uncle in such dire straits that he revealed his true abilities.

At first, regardless of how big or small the issue was, Chi Yan would always ask for Ye Yingzhi’s opinion and let him decide everything. Later on, when he slowly familiarized himself with the work, he had the ability to decide matters himself and only consulted Ye Yingzhi on overall trends. His whole person seemed to have gone through a transformation, and even his temperament was completely different compared to before. Gradually, he became Shiming City’s famous new talent.

As Ye Yingzhi said, riches and fame are transient things. If other matters took up too much of Chi Yan’s energy and attention, he would be discontent. Therefore, he didn’t plan to help his lover increase his abilities quickly, allowing Chi Yan to fumble around and slowly polish himself.

However, there would still be conflicts in their daily life.

For example, Chi Yan finished attending a dinner party at 11pm and went back to the newly bought house in Shiming City.

After parking the car in the garage, he walked to the front door, but no one opened the door. Chi Yan was already slightly intoxicated but he was still faintly aware that the one at home must be angry. Thank goodness he brought his keys with him with he left today.

He used the key in hand and let himself in. Just as he closed the door and was about to turn on the lights, the originally yellowish ceiling lights lit with a deathly shade of pale, flickering on and off like a horror film. Even hear the quiet hum of electricity could be heard. The spacious living room was shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere. It was extremely sinister and terrifying, as if a vengeful evil ghost appeared out of nowhere.

If it was back then, Chi Yan would’ve been scared to death. But after cohabitating with Ye Yingzhi for 7 years, there wasn’t anything to be scared of anymore.

Chi Yan stood by the entrance, changing out of his shoes as he calmly said: “Ye Yingzhi, if you break the light bulb with your flickering, then you better change it out for me tomorrow.”

These words seemed hit some kind of switch. The creepy flickering stopped instantly, and warm light filled the living room.

A pair of icy, strong arms embraced his waist from behind. Ice-cold breath puffed onto his neck: “Such a bad boy, must be punished today.”

Chi Yan raised both hands in surrender, humoring him: “Alright, alright, I was wrong. Punish as you’d like, however you’d like….”

It’s not like he’d be able to get away even if he resisted. And it’s not like he really wants to resist anyway.

He simply took initiative and turned around, wrapping his arms around Ye Yingzhi’s neck.


On the second floor of Chi Yan’s house, there is a room that is always locked. No one is allowed to enter. Even when the occasional hired housekeeper is there, that room still remains shut.

Later on, a small-time thief targeted this villa district’s households. After succeeding a few times, he finally targeted Chi Yan’s house. He saw that Chi Yan enter the storage room on the second floor, and focused his sight onto this locked room. He spent a lot of effort and broke into the room--only to find a mourning hall. In the middle of the room was an altar, and atop the altar was an offering to a black plaque with gold letterings “here dwells the spirit of Yingzhi from Ye clan.”

He was immediately scared silly. And at that moment, he heard an indifferent voice calmly ask: “Why did you enter my mourning hall?”

He whipped his head to look around. There was not a single person to be found.

In the end, the little thief called the cops on himself to take him away.

Seeing the police comrades arrive felt like seeing relatives appear. He cried that there’s a ghost, and begged them to take him away.


Chi Yan was later considered Shiming City’s famous golden bachelor, and never had a wife. Not only did he never have a wife, he never even had an ambiguous relationship with anyone.

However, on every Valentine’s Day(1), Birthday, and other special occasions, he would sometimes make a reservation for a private room at a restaurant he liked. He would arrange for 2 sets of utensils and order food for 2, then eat it all by himself. It really made others puzzled.

Later whispers on the street rumored, that according to President Chi’s best friend’s drunken confessions, Chi Yan once had an unforgettable love. But that lover passed away and thus, he made a firm resolution to live his life alone. Furthermore, he would never speak of this love ever again.

Chi Yan himself silently admitted to this rumor. And his lips were completely sealed on that topic.

Of course, the real reason why he kept his mouth shut was because he was afraid he’d mess up and reveal something. Afterall, he didn’t know the details of Xu Jiang’s plot-fill nor what he really said to everyone.

Chi Yan was actually at a loss for how to celebrate special occasions.

For normal couples, birthdays, both Chinese and Western Valentine’s Days, Christmas, New Years, first-meeting anniversaries, and wedding anniversaries are already more than enough. However, Third Young Master not only has a birthday but also a deathday, not only are there human holidays but also ghost festivals.

In order to express his affection, Chi Yan reserved a table for two at Ye Yingzhi’s favorite restaurant on every Ghost Festival for 3 consecutive years. This caused all the waiters at that restaurant to raise their brows--would a normal person do something like this? Even though his dearest love has passed away…. There’s no need to specifically book a table for two every Ghost Festival just to eat in remembrance of the dead, right?

They all viewed Chi Yan with a hint of reverence and fear, as though his presence brought about a chill. That day, all the waiters who served him were trembled with fear--not even daring to glance towards that empty seat. There was always a nagging feeling that on the empty seat sat a “person.”

In the end it was Ye Yingzhi who told him with a smile: “How about we spend Ghost Festivals at home from now on.”

This year for Chinese New Year, Chi Yan drove Ye Yingzhi to a nearby peak at night to view fireworks.

Under the brilliant display of shining fireworks, Chi Yan’s profile flickered transiently from the fragments of sparking sky.

He looked towards Ye Yingzhi: “Yingzhi, it has already been seven years.”

Ye Yingzhi leaned against him: “No matter how many years. For as long as you live, I will be buy your side.”

He drew Chi Yan into him arms: “Ah Yan, Happy New Year.”

When there were only 21 pills left in that bottle, Chi Yan knew that his time was reaching its end.

He layed alone on his sickbed, holding the aged hand of his grey-haired lover. His tone was peaceful: “Yingzhi, is it my time to leave?”

Ye Yingzhi didn’t have to age, but he used some unknown method. He made his own appearance match Chi Yan as time passed.

Ye Yingzhi held onto his hand tightly, and replied in the same peaceful manner: “Yes.”

“....Will you come with me?”

Ye Yingzhi gently leaned toward Chi Yan, gently whispering by his lover’s ear as he did when they were young: “I will. No matter where you go, I will accompany you.”

Chi Yan smiled, finally appeased. He closed his eyes.

Sorry, Ye Yingzhi. I made you wait for so many years, yet I still selfishly want you to accompany me.


In the never-ending eternity, there exists an infinite number of worlds. There are worlds are born every minute, every second. There are worlds are destroyed every minute, every second. Some are extremely similar, while some are vastly different. Each world follows its own path.

Even within the same world, because of a single person’s decision to deviate from the path, a new world may be created by branching off. Perhaps you exist in this world, but in another world one of your numerous ancestors of 18 generation was never born. And so, you would naturally not exist.

Legends say that these infinite number of worlds exist in eternity in the shape of a long river. Flowing grandly, never-ending.

Legends say that souls cycle between these infinite worlds, until one day they exhaust their energy and permanently disappear.

Billions and billions of souls, countless worlds. In the eyes of eternity, are but a small grain of existence.


Inside the dormitory of A University.

“Peng, peng, peng.” The gentle knocking on the door scared Chi Yan from his dreams.

It wasn’t a sweet dream. He vaguely remembered the self-disciplined and compassionate bodhisattva, and the cold body that embraced him tightly.

However, he still impatiently shouted out, with his eyes shut: “Who is it, knocking so early in the morning?” He didn’t expect an answer. Afterall, he was often alone in this 2-person dorm room.

Who would’ve thought that an indifferent voice replied: “It should be your peach blossom debt(2).”

Chi Yan’s eyes flew open. He looked at the other bed, but there was no one. He glanced around and saw his roommate fixing his sleeve with his eyes closed. He looked like he just woke up not too long ago. The open collar exposed his pale but muscular neckline.

He probably just randomly answered Chi Yan earlier.

Chi Yan still gave him a bright smile as he greeted: “Ye Yingzhi, you came back yesterday?”

The other boy smiled in a way that didn’t seem like a smile and lifted his head to gaze at the sleep-eyed boy sporting a bedhead: “En. It’s probably better if you opened the door first. Also… it seems like you had a wonderful wet dream last night.”

What wet dream?! It was obviously a legit nightmare!

Chi Yan was too lazy to deny it, yelling towards the door “one moment, be right there.” He hastily grabbed a t-shirt and pants, putting them on quickly and went towards the door as he combed through his hair with his fingers.

Standing outside was actually Gu Xixi.

Chi Yan secretly cursed. How did Ye Yingzhi know that it was Gu Xixi and purposely didn’t open the door, waiting for Chi Yan to go down himself?

Gu Xixi tilted her head slightly with a smile, lifted the plastic bag in her hand: “Big brother Chi Yan, I brought you breakfast.”

Towards a girl who persistently offered herself, Chi Yan didn’t have the heart to reject the gift and could only thank her profusely.

Gu Xixi seemed to want to enter and chat for a while. She peered in when Chi Yan slightly moved towards the side and saw the silhouette of Ye Yingzhi sitting by the desk. She immediately stopped in her steps, speaking with a slight smile: “Brother Chi Yan, I see that your roommate is still here. I won’t disturb you then, see you later.”

Chi Yan felt like Gu Xixi must’ve been scared off by Ye Yingzhi’s Must-Not-Approach-Within-1000-Meters face. Usually, both men and women would subconsciously feel some kind of tender feelings towards a young beauty like Gu Xixi. Only Ye Yingzhi seemed to hate her quite a bit. Every time he saw her, his face would become 3 degrees colder compared to seeing other people. Hence, Gu Xixi looked terrified whenever she saw him.

Ye Yingzhi wasn’t the major as him, but Chi Yan also heard rumors about this cold and aloof type of man who apparently treated everyone with indifference.

But… Chi Yan really felt that he wasn’t being delusionally brazen in thinking that Ye Yingzhi was actually quite gentle towards himself. Even laugh with him… no, actually laughing quite often… and even tease him.

He brought over the breakfast that Gu Xixi delivered, calling out to Ye Yingzhi: “Yingzhi, let’s eat breakfast together.”

Ye Yingzhi still gazed at him with that smile that didn’t seem like a smile: “Daring to eat any random thing. This kind of roadside meat sandwich’s filling could be made from human flesh, for all you know.”

The originally piping hot, extremely mouthwatering meat sandwich in his hand suddenly became something hard to swallow.

Chi Yan still tried to refute: “ could human flesh be so easy to find….”

Ye Yingzhi replied with an “En” of agreement: “Could also be dead mice meat.”

Chi Yan completely lost his appetite.

At this moment, Ye Yingzhi carried out a rice cooker: “I simmered some pineapple porridge, even heated up some buns brought back from home. I steamed it yesterday afternoon before coming back to school. It’s beef stuffing. Let’s eat together.”

Pineapple porridge, beef meatbuns, not to mention made by Ye Yingzhi personally….

Chi Yan surrendered in a heartbeat, without a shred of resistance.

Ye Yingzhi sat beside Chi Yan, watching him eat with a slight smile.

Chi Yan felt a bit embarrassed: “...why aren’t you eating?”

Ye Yingzhi replied with a slight smile: “I already ate before you woke up. You eat.”

So warm and gentle! Definitely not a cold and aloof type. Even bringing his own multi-purpose rice cooker to school to cook meals! Philosophy department’s Ice Prince image was immediately shattered into unrecognizable pieces.

Chi Yan nodded and continued to eat, not noticing in the slightest when his roommate used a napkin to pick up the plastic bag that contained the meat sandwich and threw it out to the outdoor trashcan.


1: Refers to the Chinese Valentine’s day 7/7 of the lunar calendar; the legend of the Cowherd and the Weaving Fairy

2: Peach blossoms have to do with amorous feelings, so peach blossom debt could have to do with his entanglement from his previous life. It could also be a reference to another bl novel since that was published in 2007, while The Haunted was published in 2016 nearly a decade afterwards.

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